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      Precise Temperature Control

      All COLDTUB™s have water temperature adjustability with a digital control pad and can be set for temperatures from 42º – 104º Fahrenheit.

      Being able to accurately regulate water temperature is essential to the effectiveness of cryotherapy. Most people struggle to understand the difference between 42º (5.5 C) degrees and 56º (13.3 C ) degrees and its impact on the human body. To most, it all seems like really cold water.

      OUR COLDTUB™ PRODUCTS ALLOW YOU TO ADJUST YOUR THERAPY TEMPERATURE DOWN TO THE MOST EFFECTIVE TEMPERATURE – because we know that 56º (13.3 C) degrees is not the same as 45º (7.2 C).

      To illustrate, lets look at the other end of the heat scale, one that people are more familiar with. Most people find the hot water of a hot tub comfortable around 102º (38.8 C) degrees – UL legislates that no hot tub can go hotter than 104º (40 C) degrees. At 106º (41.1 C) degrees most people will feel nauseous after a few minutes. After about 10 minutes at 110º (43.3 C) degrees, most people will need medical attention.

      Cryotherapy is widely used outside of sports performance. It is used for treatment of chronic inflammation, joint and spine surgery rehab, sleep disorder treatment, and auto immune improvement.