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      The Icebox

      The Icebox is designed to fit 5-7 people. This is a great unit to have when you want to treat multiple people at once. The Icebox fits through a standard doorway. It also plugs into a standard wall outlet. Temperature ranges from 42º – 104ºF. You will not find a cold water therapy device anywhere which combines as much capacity with ease of installation. The Icebox has a variety of depths and even our special Comfort seat.



      367 kg / 810 LBS

      1351 kg / 2981 LBS

      Water Capacity

      260 Gal / 984 L


      (Length x Width x Height)

      194 x 194 x 76

      76.5 x 76.5 x 30

      6 x 6 x 2


      Volts: 110

      Watts: 1300


      Seats: 3

      Capacity: 5-7


      • Electrical requirement is 110Volt dedicated 15amp circuit for each unit.
      • The Iceboxes come with a 6' GFCI cord and male plug.
      • No plumbing is required. The COLDTUB™ can be filled and drained with a garden hose.
      • Filters with 10sq’ water filter that can be replaced while water is in the tub.
      • Salt water sanitizer system maintains sanitizer levels.
      • COLDTUB™ Pal automated sanitizing system and water chemistry monitor
      • Wifi extender installed to run the COLDTUB™ app.
      • Capable of connecting tub to and controlling the tub from internet. This depends on the internet availability on location.
      • Preferred would be ethernet cable ran to the COLDTUB™.
      • Underwater light.
      • Therapy Jets.
      • 1300Watt heater