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Ice Baths – Why Use Cold Water Therapy?

Ice baths and cold water therapy are proving to be a necessary part of serious athletic training and rehab programs. Here at Cold Tub ® we design and manufacture cryotherapy equipment for professional sport teams, universities, serious athletes and the US military. Our Polar Pool ® model ice bath is our most popular model. It is completely self contained, fits through a standard doorway, and plugs into a 110 volt power socket. Stop hauling ice, wasting time and reduce the risk of infection now!

Benefits Of A Cold Tub

Faster Recovery Times


Ice baths and cold water therapy helps reduce lactic acid build up, reduces swelling, and normalize adrenaline production so the body can recover faster than normal.

Less Pain


Ice baths and cold water therapy helps reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) by helping reduce the inflammation and muscle spasm that causes it.

Faster Injury Recovery


Using a cold tub or ice bath reduces injury recovery time. Cold therapy is already used to treat acute sport injuries. A Cold Tub is much better than an ice pack or cold compress in many ways.

What Athletic Trainers Say About Cold Tub Products

‘Since the onset of MRSA in the athletic environment, the cold whirlpool/tub has always been a high risk area for infection and disease. The Polar Pool™ has helped solve that problem with its multilayer level of protection against bacteria and germs.’ Boston Bruins
Don DelNegro
Head Athletic Trainer
Boston Bruins

‘The self-contained filtration system was an obvious plus to us since we have been stuck draining and disinfecting our current whirlpools every day’ University of Portland
Kyle A. Nelson
Head Athletic Trainer
University of Portland

‘With its ability to fit into a standard doorway and require no changes in either electrical service or plumbing, The Polar Pool™ is now providing us with state of the art cold therapy.’
‘With The Polar Pool™, we are able to provide our athletes with clean, cold therapy of a consistent temperature. No more draining, filling and adding ice.’
UMass Lowell
Artie Poitras
Head Athletic Trainer
UMass Lowell

‘The design of the Polar Pool enables multiple players to treat simultaneously thereby enhancing our ability to maximize the team’s physical preparation and performance.’ Atlanta Thrashers
Tommy Alva
Head Athletic Trainer
Atlanta Thrashers

‘As athletic trainers, we are kept very busy and the polar pool has made our jobs easier because it needs very little maintenance and up keep.’ Springfield College
Barclay Dugger
Director of Athletic Training Services
Springfield College

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