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How to Benefit from Your Ice Bath

After an intensive workout or just general wear and tear on your body,  there is a need to treat the limbs and joints and professional sports people will always  use an Ice Bath.

Here’s how they get the maximum benefit from their ice bath – and you can too!

Cube Straight after training (as soon as possible) run your ice bath or have it prepared before you begin your exercise
Cube Stay warm while the ice bath is being prepared. Double up on clothing while you wait, (consider staying warm with a hat and even mittens!). We don’t want  you to cool down before using the ice bath.
Cube Slide into the Ice bath (and try to squeal like a baby!). Consider keeping your top on to ensure that the upper half of the body stays warm.
Cube Sit in it for approximately 5 – 10 minutes. (Some professionals recommend 12 minutes as the magic number but do not force yourself to sit that long, you can gradually build up to this time if it is to cold to begin with).
Cube Sit upright and stretch your legs out in front of you allowing any swelling of the joints to be reduced.
Cube When your ready, slide out of the ice bath, peel of your top( if you decided to keep it on) and take a VERY BRIEF shower with tepid water – 30 seconds to 1 minute. Scrub quickly!
Cube Grab a bite to eat (some healthy sandwiches are perfect) and begin a post-excercise stretch. Some people prefer to do their stretch before using the ice bath, this is entirely up to you and you should try both ways to find out what gives you the best result.
Cube Enjoy!