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Testimonials from Cold Tub Clients

Nick F – Happy with Coldtub Service

The team at Cold Tub is exceptional. There was damage to my unit from shipping and the team sent me a new unit by 2 day air. Customer service with this group is second to none. If your looking to add cold to your recovery program count on these people to be there for you at every turn.”

Nick F


Paul Ferris, Portroe GAA, Tipperary comments on the Coldtub and Ducks

gaa-logoThe lads have taken to the Icepod like ducks to water  – every training session there’s always a queue.

We had one player pull his hamstring and spent a few evenings in the pod and now swears by it.

I personally pulled my back swinging a shovel and headed to the pod for a few sessions – (3mins @  6’)  – you can almost feel the blood vessels contract but did that for a few evenings and muscle pain was gone within a few days.

Its proven to be a great addition to the training/recovery process of players and even a “has been” like myself J

If you need to let clubs know where to come to look at the icepod in operation you can have them contact me.

Paul Ferris
Portroe GAA


Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club

Our cold tub is a valuable tool in our training room it is one of the most frequently used therapies we have available!



The Men’s Basketball program at NC State uses the Polar Plunge pools

The Men’s Basketball program at NC State uses the Polar Plunge pools in our practice facility and game arena. The tubs have met all my expectations as an athletic trainer. They are easy to maintain and met our facility and budget requirements. My players have incorporated the Polar Plunge as part of our recovery program. I would recommend them to any athletic trainer looking for an edge when it comes to keeping their athletes healthy and on the court.

NC State Cold Tub2


USA Gymnastics Women’s Artistic National Team using their newly installed Cold Tub!

The girls, along with members of the USA Gymnastics Tumbling & Trampoline, Acrobatic and Rhythmic National Team members, as well as the Developmental Athletes of each of these Programs, use and love their Cold Tub.

It is without a doubt, one of the best purchases we have made here at the National Team Training Center and Olympic Training Site at the Karolyi Rah we have ever made. A true investment in all of our athletes.

Thanks again for your help with this vital project!


Gary Warren
USA Gymnastics
National Team Training Center Director


Bethel University

Our x-country team at Bethel University loves the ColdTub after a 10 mile run!!!


Barclay Dugger, Director of Athletic Training Services, Springfield College

I have been looking for a cold therapy pool that would meet our facility space needs and be large enough for multiple student-athletes to use. Your polar pool has been great, we have seen improved recovery rates in our student-athletes from practice and competition when they use the polar pool.

We can fit 6 student-athletes in the pool at once after practice and there is often 6 more waiting to use it. In my opinion, the PolarPool has helped to keep our #1 quarterback on the field for every practice and game this season. As athletic trainers, we are kept very busy and the polar pool has made our jobs easier because it needs very little maintenance and up keep. The PolarPool has made my job easier and our student-athletes love it.

Barclay Dugger MEd, ATC, LAT
Director of Athletic Training Services
Springfield College


Kyle A. Nelson, Head Athletic Trainer University of Portland

Here at the University of Portland, we have been in the process of updating our athletic training facilities. One thing that needed work was our hydrotherapy area. We were trying to accommodate 240 student-athletes with two small stainless steel whirlpools. This posed many problems including daily maintenance as well as athletes having to wait their turn to use the whirlpool as we could only fit 2-3 in at one time.

During the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Symposium in St. Louis, MO, I met Scott Burt with The PolarPool. He had a unit on display and I was instantly drawn to it.

The size was perfect since we are limited in the amount of space that we have available to us. The fact that it was also moveable was also a plus due to the fact that we are trying to propose an expansion in our facility. And the self-contained filtration system was an obvious plus to us since we have been stuck draining and disinfecting our current whirlpools every day. All of these factors, along with the support and professionalism of Scott Burt, caused us to pursue the funding for a PolarPool.

We installed our new PolarPool at the end of September and have been extremely pleased with the results. We are able to provide hydrotherapy to a larger number of athletes and can maintain the cleanliness and temperature much easier than before. I would highly recommend the PolarPool to anyone who has limited space but still needs to provide high quality hydrotherapy treatment to their athletes.

Kyle A. Nelson, MPH, ATC-R
Head Athletic Trainer
University of Portland


Tommy Alva, Head Athletic Trainer, Atlanta Thrashers

The PolarPool is great for helping our players recover from practices and games.

The design of the PolarPool enables multiple players to treat simultaneously thereby enhancing our ability to maximize the team’s physical preparation and performance.

Tommy Alva
Head Athletic Trainer
Atlanta Thrashers


Artie Poitras, Head Athletic Trainer, UMass Lowell

“The PolarPool™ is the most innovative hydrotherapy pool currently available. We had been looking for a plunge/cryotherapy pool for five years. The cost associated with demolition/construction was deterring us from adding this to our facility. The PolarPool™ provided the answer to our dilemma. With its ability to fit into a standard doorway and require no changes in either electrical service or plumbing, The PolarPool™ is now providing us with state of the art cold therapy.

I was amazed at ease of installation, it rolled from the truck into our facility in minutes. With The PolarPool™, we are able to provide our athletes with clean, cold therapy of a consistent temperature. No more draining, filling and adding ice. The PolarPool™, the best “bang for the buck” in cold therapy.

Artie Poitras
Head Athletic Trainer
UMass Lowell